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Private tour of the Domain of Marie Antoinette including the Petit Trianon, Hamlet & gardens

Experience Versailles as few do, and take a private tour to visit the private domain of Marie Antoinette. On this 3 hour guided afternoon tour you will discover the exquisite Petit Trianon, her private mansion set in beautiful gardens. Glimpse the jewel of Versailles, the tiny theatre built specially for her, and end your visit at her picturesque Normandy village, complete with vineyard, farm and vegetable gardens. Including a visit to the hidden estate of Marie Antoinette is the only way to fully understand the history of Versailles.

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Many people flock to visit the Palace of Versailles every year. But few take the time to discover the secret parts of this incredible place. Follow your guide and spend an afternoon with your small, private group exploring the beautiful hidden treasures tucked away in the expansive gardens. Away from the crowds, see places that only Queens, Kings and their closest friends were allowed access to.

King Louis XVI gave a key encrusted with diamonds to his beloved wife Marie Antoinette. This key opened the doors to a secret world, far removed from the public life at the palace that she so hated, and accessible to only a very few. The small palace of the Petit Trianon was her private world and the place where she was happiest. Let your guide take you on a journey in her footsteps, through the beautiful English style gardens that she created, into the elegant, intimate and charming rooms of her home, furnished today as they were then. You will also be able to glimpse her tiny theatre, built specially for her so she could perform on stage, to small audiences made up of a few friends and servants! This stunning theatre is often called the hidden jewel of Versailles.

At Trianon Marie Antoinette could live a simple, country life. Here you will also discover the last thing she had commissioned, a perfect replica of a Normandy village, complete with thatched cottages and vegetable gardens where, far from the elaborate life and rituals of the palace, she would play at being a shepherdess surrounded by farm animals.

No visit to Versailles is complete without seeing the hidden beauty of the Petit Trianon. At the end of your visit, your guide will escort you on the Petit Train back to the Palace to continue your journey back to Paris.


  • Stroll through the beautiful gardens of Versailles,
  • Enjoy a guided visit of the Petit Trianon, Marie-Antoinette’s private mansion
  • See Marie-Antoinette’s gardens and her private hamlet
  • Glimpse her personal theatre, known as the ‘jewel of Versailles’
  • Transport to and from the Domain of Marie Antoinette on the ‘Petit Train’ reduces the walking distance and allows for a relaxed visit


  • Guided visit of the Domaine of Marie Antoinette, including the Petit Trianon and queen’s hamlet
  • All reservations and entrance tickets
  • Expert, fully accredited tour guide
  • Ride on the ‘Petit Train’ to and from the Petit Trianon
  • Private Tour
  • 3 hours


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