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Necropolis of the Kings and Queens: the Basilica of Saint Denis Semi-Private Tour

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The Basilica of St Denis is the final resting place of the kings and queens of France. Your local guide will meet you in downtown Paris, and escort you on a 2.5-hour semi-private visit to the world’s first Gothic cathedral, the burial site of the kings and queens of France. The architecture of the structure will take your breath away, and the tombs of the monarchs will inspire you with over 1500 years of royal grandeur.


From EUR 89.90

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According to catholic tradition, St Denis was the first bishop of Paris.  He gave a miraculous sermon after his decapitation, holding his head under his arm while walking to this site!  The Gothic edifice was begun nearly 900 years later, in the first half of the 12th century well before Notre Dame de Paris.  Saint Louis elected this abbey for his family’s tombs, and as a result the basilica now contains a surpassing collection of intricately sculpted sarcophagi.

This official necropolis of the French Monarchy features the tombs of 43 kings and 32 queens, going back to 7th century king Dagobert and extending through to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  A guided visit of the site indeed encompasses much of the history of Paris itself.

The zealous Revolutionaries went to the trouble of exhuming all their former rulers and tossing the desecrated bodies into a common grave.  With the Bourbon Restoration in 1814, the king’s ancestral tombs had to be somehow reassembled... but how to sort out the scrambled remains?  Your guide will reveal all, including the tragic demise of the guillotined monarchs’ young son, whose memory is honored by a crystal urn purportedly containing the dauphin’s heart.

With uniquely influential and beautiful architecture, and fascinating stories of numerous powerful and poignant personalities, the Saint Denis Basilica tour is sure to please.



Sunday bookings will give you the opportunity to attend mass after your visit.

The Mass will start at 6:00 pm from October to March, and at 6:30 pm from April to September.


Note that the Basilica is both a museum and a church. For that reason, very occasionally, due to funerals or exceptional masses the tour may be canceled or postponed. Memories will of course warn you as early as possible as we keep in touch with the staff of the Basilica.

From October to April, please make sure you are dressed warmly as it gets very cold inside the cathedral.

There are a few steps to enter the church and to reach the crypt. The Necropolis museum has special accesses and elevators for disabled visitors. Please make sure you notify us prior to your tour so we can make the arrangements with the staff there to ensure your tour goes smoothly.


  • Enjoy a 2.5 hour semi-private guided tour of the spectacular royal Basilica of St Denis

  • See the royal tombs of the kings and queens of France

  • Fully accredited local guides bring history to life

  • Benefit from reserved access and all entrance fees

  • Escorted tour departing from central Paris

  • Small groups of 8 people or fewer


  • Guided visit of the Basilica of St Denis
  • Entrance tickets to the basilica
  • Expert, fully accredited English-speaking tour guide
  • Escorted travel to St Denis on the Paris metro
  • Small groups of 8 people or fewer


  • 2.5 hours


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