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Louvre Museum Semi-Private In Depth 3 hour tour

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The overwhelming Louvre museum can be quite relaxing in the right context! Join a small group and an expert guide for a moderate 3-hour tour, and you’ll navigate the world’s largest art collection in a comfortable and memorable way. We’ll make sure you take in the highlights, including the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory, and furthermore round out your understanding and experience with dozens of other famous and unexpected works.

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From EUR 99.90

+1 Additional options

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A visit to the Louvre is probably obligatory, as the museum contains many of the most famous artistic masterpieces of civilization!  Many visitors feel intimidated by the vastness of the site and the magnitude of the collection; join us to skip the lines and get straight to the highlights!  Our engaging, informed, and passionate guide will make sure your visit to the Louvre turns out to be among the most memorable moments of your trip to Paris.


The Louvre’s awkward layout was obviously not intended to function as a museum; the sprawling structure has nearly 10 miles of galleries.  Trust your guide to navigate the halls, conveying you efficiently to the most important works, but also pointing out numerous lesser known beauties that you might have passed without noticing.  You might appreciate the French Crown Jewels, Egyptian antiquities many thousands of years old, sculptural wonders by Michelangelo, and large-format canvases such as Liberty Leading the People and the Coronation of Napoleon.


Before becoming the permanent abode of countless artistic treasures, the Louvre was a royal palace for over 400 years; a visit to the Louvre is a walk through history.   You’ll have a chance to see the foundations of the original medieval fortress that stood on this spot, and you’ll gape at the Apollo Gallery where Louis XIV experimented with self-glorification before moving to Versailles.  You may also admire the richly furnished and decorated salons preserved from the Second Empire, the last time the Louvre was home to a sovereign.


And of course, you won’t leave without spending some time in the presence of the most famous painting in the world, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.  Thanks to our guide’s explanations and anecdotes about this enigmatic image, you’ll leave with a better sense of why she’s such a big deal.

At the conclusion of our guided service, you will have the option of remaining in the museum... until closing time if you wish!



  • See all the major the highlights of the Louvre and much more!
  • Includes the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory, Venus de Milo, Apollo Gallery, ​Apartments of Napoleon III
  • Small group tour limited to 6 people or fewer
  • Skip the long entrance lines 
  • Stay as long as you like in the museum after your visit


  • 3 hour guided visit of the Louvre Museum
  • All entrance fees and reservations
  • Fully accredited, expert local guide
  • 3 hours


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