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Private full day Versailles tour including the Domain of Marie Antoinette

Join us for a full day private visit to the spectacular Chateau of Versailles, home of Louis XIV the Sun King. Walk the dazzling Hall of Mirrors as Kings, Queens and courtiers used to. Explore the spectacular state apartments and magnificent gardens, once home to lavish balls and parties. Then experience Versailles as few do, and continue your tour to visit the private domain of Marie Antoinette. On this guided afternoon tour you will discover the exquisite Petit Trianon, her private mansion set in beautiful gardens. See the jewel of Versailles, the tiny theatre built specially for her, and end your visit at her picturesque Normandy village, complete with vineyard, farm and vegetable gardens.

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Meet your guide in central Paris and enjoy a short journey to Versailles. You and your private group will spend a day in the footsteps of the Kings and Queens of France. During the reign of Louis XIV - the Sun King - Versailles was the place to be and to be seen. Nowadays visitors from all over the world still come to Versailles to marvel at the splendours of this incredible palace. Our expert local guides will steer you through the crowds, bringing the famous figures who once inhabited this palace back to life, and making sure you don’t miss a thing. Learn how the Kings and Queens lived out their lavish lives in public, how they kept the gossiping courtiers under their thumb, and stole Italy’s thunder by making Versailles the artistic center of Europe. Discover a typical day in the life of Marie Antoinette; you’ll quickly understand why she hated the palace so much! Her opulent lifestyle here would ultimately lead to her tragic demise under the French Revolution; she left Versailles in 1789 never to return.

After visiting the royal apartments inside the palace, your guide will lead you through the spectacular gardens, once the setting of balls, parties and elaborate firework displays. On fountain show days you will discover the amazing waterworks, still running today as they did in the times of Kings and Queens.

Many people flock to visit the Palace of Versailles every year. But few take the time to discover the hidden parts of this incredible place. After a break for lunch, rejoin your guide and spend an afternoon exploring the beautiful treasures tucked away in the extensive gardens. Away from the crowds, see places that only Queens, Kings and their closest friends were allowed access to.

King Louis XVI gave a key encrusted with diamonds to his beloved wife Marie Antoinette. This key opened the doors to a secret world, far removed from the public life at the palace that she so hated, and accessible to only a very few. The small palace of the Petit Trianon was her private world and the place where she was happiest. Your guide will take you on a journey into her world, through her beautiful English style gardens, into the elegant, intimate and charming rooms of her home, furnished by her favourite master craftsmen and representative of her exquisite taste. You will also see the tiny theatre, built specially for her so she could perform on stage, to small audiences made up of a few friends and servants! This gorgeous theatre is often called the hidden jewel of Versailles.

At Trianon Marie Antoinette could live a simple, country life. Here you will also discover the last thing she had commissioned, a perfect replica of a Normandy village, complete with thatched cottages and vegetable gardens where, far from the elaborate life and rituals of the palace, she would play at being a shepherdess surrounded by farm animals.

No visit to Versailles is complete without seeing the hidden charm of Marie Antoinette’s domain. At the end of your visit, your guide will escort you on the Petit Train back to the Palace and then to the train station to continue your journey back to Paris.

Points forts

  • Enjoy a private guided tour of the spectacular Palace of Versailles, including the State Apartments and Hall of Mirrors
  • Skip the famously long lines
  • Benefit from a guided visit of the magnificent gardens
  • Relax and spend the afternoon in the beautiful domain of Queen Marie Antoinette
  • See her private mansion and personal Normandy style village
  • Take the 'Petit Train' to & from the Domain of Marie Antoinette for a relaxed and comfortable visit


  • Private guided tour of the Palace of Versailles including State Apartments and gardens
  • The Musical Fountain Show or Musical Gardens will be included if running on the day of your visit
  • Fully guided visit to the Petit Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s hamlet and domain
  • Escorted roundtrip transportation from Paris
  • All entrance fees, reservations & transportation fees included
  • Ride on the Petit Train to and from the Petit Trianon
  • 8 hours 45 minutes (including transportation time and break for lunch)



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