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Must-Sees of Modern Art - the Pompidou Center

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Art in Paris does not stop at the Mona Lisa!  Take your explorations further and experience art in a different way at the MOMA at the Pompidou Center, with its stunning collection of modern and contemporary art. Daring architecture, astonishing artworks and spectacular views over Paris, a visit to this iconic museum with an expert guide is a must for art lovers, architecture fans and the curious in all of us.


Special post-covid conditions for 2020
Please note group sizes are currently limited to 9 guests plus the guide for this tour.
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Let an expert local guide take you on an immersive visit through one of the most exciting collections of modern art, spanning the years from 1905 to 1965, and a fascinating and thought-provoking collection of contemporary works from the past 50 years. This extraordinary building, like many of the artworks shown inside, was decried when it first burst into the world, and yet is now recognised as one of the iconic buildings of Paris. The freedom that the Impressionist artists you may have seen at the Musée d’Orsay fought so hard for is expressed here in all its spectacular creativity. See masterpieces by Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Duchamp, Chagall, Andy Warhol, Man Ray and many others, learn how they pushed the boundaries and broke the rules, questioning the forms and meaning of art as each of them brought something new into the world. 


This visit is an exploration, as was the art you are seeing. Your guide will explain the groundbreaking artistic movements that questioned how we see the world,  representing it in new and innovative ways, and help you interpret and understand the sensational, and often controversial artworks. You’ll also step into contemporary works by living artists, and find yourself transported inside the minds and emotions of these forward-thinking artists as you not only see, but feel and experience their work in new and surprising ways.  It’s a perfect museum for families - kids and teens will love this visit - and diving deep into these works can be a great introduction for them to the wonders of the artistic world.


Can art change the world? We leave that up to you, but a visit to the remarkable Pompidou Center, accompanied by an expert guide, will certainly give you food for thought. 


Points forts

  • Enjoy a 2  hour fully guided tour of the Pompidou Centre with a passionate, expert local guide

  • Skip the line access takes you straight into the museum

  • See the major highlights of both the modern and contemporary collections

  • Marvel at works by Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Man Ray, Andy Warhol and many others

  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer for an intimate and immersive visit


  • Guided visit of the Pompidou Centre
  • Skip the line entrance ticket to the Pompidou with timed access
  • Expert, English-speaking tour guide
  • Headsets where necessary so you can always hear your guide
  • Small  groups of 15 people or fewer


  • 2 hours 15 minutes