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Private 1.5 hour Louvre Museum Tour with Skip-the-Line

The Louvre Museum is a must see for any visitor to Paris, home to some of the most stunning art in the world. Yet the 9 miles of corridors and over 35,000 artworks on display can be a challenge for even the most seasoned travelers. Book a 3 hour private tour, and let an expert local guide lead you through the crowds to the most important works - and other marvels - in this incredible museum.

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Prepare to be amazed by the most visited museum in the world. Home to some of the world’s greatest works of art, there’s a reason that millions of visitors flock to the Louvre every year. Yet a visit to this great museum can often end in frustration; long lines and innumerable rooms can result in you wasting hours of your precious vacation time. Join an expert and fully accredited local guide as they share their passion and knowledge of this awe-inspiring museum and the masterpieces it contains, and whisk you past the lines and straight to where you need to be.


You will of course see the iconic and enigmatic Mona Lisa, and learn why she is the most famous painting in the world. Discover also the beautiful Venus de Milo, the spectacular Winged Victory, the great French neoclassical paintings and the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance. There are many treasures to be found in the Louvre. Your guide will show you crowns studded with precious jewels, ancient Egyptian antiquities, sublime Greek statues and much more. Your visit can be customized to any preferences you may have.


The Louvre was once a royal palace, and you will visit magnificent rooms whose sumptuous decorations bear witness to this – rooms built for Kings! End your visit in the lavish apartments of Emperor Napoleon III, often overlooked by visitors and yet one of the most breathtaking parts of the museum. 


Make the most of this extraordinary museum, take a private tour and let our passionate and knowledgeable guides make your visit one of the highlights of your trip to Paris.



French Breakfast overlooking the Pyramid option:

Opt to start your day in a relaxing and typically French style, with a delicious continental breakfast on a café terrace.  Avoid the early morning rush, and instead enjoy spectacular views over the courtyard of the Louvre and the iconic glass pyramid as you savor typical pastries and coffee, with a fresh fruit salad and freshly pressed juices. Revitalized, relaxed and ready to go, it’s time to join your guide for your tour of the magnificent Louvre museum.

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  • Private tour 
  • Skip the long lines
  • Discover the most beautiful areas of the Louvre - Apollo Gallery, ​Apartments of Emperor Napoleon III
  • See the most famous artworks of the Louvre: The Venus of Milo, The Winged Victory of Samothrace, Wedding at Cana, The Mona Lisa, Napoleon’s Coronation,The Raft of the Medusa, Liberty leading the People & more


  • Fully accredited local guide
  • Skip the line entrance tickets    
  • 1.5 hour guided tour
  • 1.5 hours


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