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Paris Live! Montmartre: The Artists' Quarter

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There are some parts of Paris that have not changed for generations. Montmartre is one of them, but you have to know where to go. You may not be able to come here at the moment, you can explore live with us on an in-depth walking tour with an expert guide that takes us through the heart of Montmartre in real time, bringing Paris into your home and allowing you to visit like a local, with a local!  

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Away from the crowds, you can still find the Montmartre of Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec and Van Gogh, where artists lived, drank, danced and painted, exchanging their paintings for food and art supplies. We’ll explore tiny alleyways, evocative cobbled streets and quiet squares on this live online tour. Let our expert guide show you the real Montmartre - one of the best-kept secrets in the city. 


We will of course show you the famous artist’s square at the Place du Tertre, and the magnificent Sacré Coeur, sitting high on top of the hill and offering amazing views across the city. But we will also take you to the other side of Montmartre, where fascinating stories of the artists who lived and worked here, and the raucous cabarets and music halls where the French ‘Cancan’ was invented and danced wildly, provide the setting for a lively neighborhood with a charming village atmosphere. 


We will see the iconic windmills at the Moulin de la Galette, symbol of Montmartre and witnesses to its past as a country village. We’ll also show you the cabarets and restaurants made famous by the artists that frequented and painted them, and a beautiful working vineyard - the hill of Montmartre was once covered with vines. Today the wine is still produced here (in the local town hall!) The harvest festival takes place each year in October and a huge party is held to celebrate.


Today Montmartre remains a delightful and typical quarter of Paris, proud of its history and inhabited by Parisians who remain passionate about their unique neighborhood. Join us for a live exploration of Montmartre past and present, and discover a very special part of Paris. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we’re happy to provide you some insider tips and recommendations for your next trip!


Points forts

  • Enjoy a live real-time walk around some of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris

  • Discover the hidden Montmartre that most tourists miss

  • Escape the crowds and learn about the real Montmartre of past and present

  • An expert local guide will lead the walk, providing live commentary 

  • Soak up the atmosphere of Paris and enjoy gorgeous views of the city

  • Get some great insider tips for your next trip!


  • 45 minute live guided tour 

Please note!

  • The tour start time is published in PARIS (CET) time. Please check your timezone to ensure you can join us at the right time, as the tour is live.